End of Year Reflections: Morgan Clark

By Morgan Clark

We made it! Another semester in a pandemic and…whew I am tired! I will admit this semester was kinder to my mental health mainly because of the weather. Dealing with school along with a pandemic in the winter is NOT healthy. But luckily the sun is shining and flowers are blooming. This semester at the Women’s Center we had many events. I started this semester with Welcome Week. I was able to create social media posts, introducing our staff to the masses. My next event that I thoroughly enjoyed was Afro Femme. A social media campaign to inform our followers about Black feminists/womanists. Doing this event allowed me to gain knowledge of women I knew little to nothing about, which made me want to learn more on their theories on feminism. March was Women’s History Month and we did a lot. One my favorite events was Every Body is Beautiful Week.  I think this was an important topic to speak on especially with the pandemic, many people’s bodies have changed and that’s okay. The last event that I enjoyed was the Intersexions and Identity webinar. I consider myself an ally to the LGBTQ community, and this webinar was a place where I able to listen. Not only to listen but learn how to be a better ally. The webinar also addressed the Latinx community, which allowed me to learned about the history of the word “Latinx” and the issues that some have with it.

I think the Women’s Center did a good job adjusting to the pandemic. I have to admit it was a bit hard putting events together for social media when it was previously an in-person event, but we did it. I think this semester we tried to find ways to gain more engagements on social media, besides likes. It was frustrating at times when there was little to no engagement but I had to remind myself that it is a pandemic. This is still a challenge for the Women’s Center now but I do believe that once the campus opens up this will change.

For me this semester was about learning and creating for and from the Women’s Center. I have gained knowledge from our forums, social media events, and from myself. I think that the Women’s Center fits well with my social ideologies and my work personality. Working here has shown me what I do want in a career and what I don’t want. I am appreciative of the Women’s Center and look forward to work with them this summer.