End of Year Reflections: Mia Lukic

By Mis Lukic

My time at the Women’s Center was nothing short of amazing. I loved getting to learn from the phenomenal directors, fellow staff members, and friends of the Women’s Center. I feel like I have grown as a woman, professional, and feminist. I have loved writing these blogs and getting time to research and write about some important topics. I was also the project leader on three awesome programs: Equal Pay Day, Women’s History Month, and Rising Gardens.

Rising Gardens was by far my favorite. It was a new program that I did a lot of research and planning for. It was a part of One Billion Rising, a subset of the new V-Day celebrations. Its focus was on how gardens connect to everything and have the power to heal. The first part of the program was during Black History Month, and focused on the Black community, food desserts, and how gardens can be used to combat food insecurity. The second part fell during Women’s History Month and focused on women in agriculture and the difficulties they face. The third and final part was in April and led up to Earth Day, and focused on climate change and the women working to combat it. Over the course of the three months, our staff had home windowsill gardens where we regrew food scraps and repurposed jars and containers. On Earth Day, we gave away food scraps and containers so people could start their own gardens.

I am so grateful for my time at the Women’s Center and although I will not be working there next semester, I will certainly remain a devoted follower on social media and visitor as the center is slowly opening back up. I look forward to wrapping up my undergraduate studies next semester and starting law school!