The Queen’s Gambit’s Take on Feminism

By Lara Castillo

The Queen’s Gambit is an excellent show to binge on if you are at home. The show itself addresses the standard of idealism for women’s embodiment in our society. The character challenges this social construct of femininity by disregarding worldly claims through her actions and experimental outfits. I first started watching this show because of the description of a talented female lead in the dominated game of chess. The female lead showed strong characteristics such as being composed, confident, and is firm with her intentions and decisions. She does not waver with her actions, just like her chess piece moves.

The plot progressed on the journey of failures and success from the character’s experience which, challenged the character’s purpose. However, the main protagonist also deals with her demons. The series also does a great job of challenging the construct of women not able what they enjoy because of set biases on gender. In one particular scene, after a big win, she was asked the question, what does it feel like to be a girl among all those men?”. She replied: “I don’t mind it.” At this moment, the independence of the character has shown again.

The Queen’s Gambit is an elegant execution of feminist themes. It is subtle yet apparent in the storyline. The heroine seems indifferent, but in the end, that was her charm. She was playing man’s game in a man’s world at the time. Let me know if you decide to watch it!