Jordan Says Farewell to the Women’s Center

By Jordan Tunks

Finding an internship during a global pandemic is hard. After countless no’s and application deadlines I finally came upon the Women’s Center. I sent in all my information and not even a day later I got an email back to set up a zoom interview for an intern position at the Women’s Center. This gave me a moment of relief before more nerves set in about the interview. I was nervous because I knew there was a whole side of women’s issues that I was unaware of, but I knew I wanted to learn more about them and expand my knowledge. I quickly learned this was no problem when beginning at the Women’s Center, and I began to learn quickly about so many topics that I did not know about before. That’s when I knew this internship was for me.

I’m sad to see my last semester come to an end, but this was a great way to end my undergraduate college career. I enjoyed my time at the Women’s Center considering all the new challenges and changes going on in the world right now. We made the best of our time and used what resources we had. I enjoyed being able to have weekly meetings for everyone to discuss what was going on and to allow for any questions or concerns to be brought up (although these would have been nice to have in person). I enjoyed being in the office and helping any students in need of feminine products, looking for volunteer opportunities, or looking to check out a book from our library.

This internship helped me open my eyes to all the problems occurring in the world right now. In my future I will know how to help advocate and educate others on women’s issues, thanks to the Women’s Center. This will help me live a more meaningful and helpful life in the future. I am excited to see where this will lead me and what new opportunities I will encounter from here on out.

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