“What About Her Art?” She’ll Tell You All About It

By Allani Gordon

When I was told to program some sort of event for the Her Art Project, as a requirement for my internship at the Women’s Center, I was enthralled and ignited with ideas. But little did I know how unique the situation would turn out to be, nor measured the creativity and innovation that had to be put into the event.

As I worked alongside the Interurban ArtHouse to curate the Who Does She Think She Is? Art show, I knew I wanted my event to coincide with the exhibit. I also knew I wanted my event to be about the women artists that are students here at UMKC. So, with the help of my supervisor, Arzie, we adapted a program for a one-day pop up exhibition that would take place on campus. We developed the title for the show “What About Her Art?” from a previous intern’s student art event. The show would feature artwork from four of UMKC’s female student artists: Makayla Booker, Lillian Taylor, Aliah Fisher, and Jasmine Alejandra.

Numerous forms were filled out, calls were made, and emails were sent to plan out the logistics of the event. The student art pop-up was coming to full fruition. Then boom. Pandemic. There was no possibility whatsoever that I could still have the event in person, nor did I have the resources to make a stellar virtual rendition of the show, like the InterUrban ArtHouse did for the “Who Does She Think She Is?” Show.

A few emails, some zoom meetings, and a Canva membership later, I was able to turn the “What About Her Art?” student art show into a digital platform. This way, it could be shared as a thread of posts that would mimic a “gallery” on the Women’s Center’s social media.

The women artists featured in the “show” have been incredibly understanding and cooperative throughout the process. The event is not perfect. And yes, I would die to see all of the students’ lovely work in a physical space together. Nevertheless, I’m proud of not only myself, but the artists who preserved through this situation with me, and my team members at the Women’s Center for their encouragement.

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