Roo Up, Woman Up

By Shanakay Osbourne

For this semester, the Women’s Center partnered with the UMKC Athletics for tabling events. The purpose of the Roo Up with the Women’s Center event was to promote the KC Roos Women’s Basketball games. On behalf of the Women’s Center we reached out to individuals by introducing them to the services we provide and our mission to educate, support, and advocate for women. During the event we gave away free items such as Roo up buttons and free pens. 


I believe that partnership with others is essential to creating successful and effective programs. Groups work together as a team to plan and implement ideas for events. Collaborating with others allow for networking opportunities. Not only are you able to work with others, you can also learn about the resources that they use and what helps them to be successful when putting on events. Partnerships also promote support. Student organizations and departments can support each other’s events. Also, you will be able to reach a larger audience to promote them. 


For me, the event was a great experience. I had the opportunity to learn more about UMKC Athletics. I also met other UMKC students and faculty. Interacting with others allows me to inform individuals about the Women’s Center and build a rapport. Participating in the events helped me to improve on leadership skills, communications skill, and practice teamwork.  


One advice that I would give to others is to get involved on campus. I know as students it can be difficult to maintain a work-life balance when you have school, work, and extracurricular activities. Participating in campus events allow individuals to know about the resources that they have available to them. In addition to getting free stuff, you get to meet new people and develop networking skills. Most importantly, you will be able to educate others about what you learned and refer them to resources here on campus.