Work Study Student Reflects on Her Time at the Women’s Center

By Adriana Suarez

Working at the Women’s Center for my first semester in college has been an eye opening experience! I have enjoyed the Women’s Center for multiple reasons. The women’s center has allowed me to have the opportunity to be a little more open minded in considering events in not only my own life but in the life of others. In short, the women’s center cultured me. Working at the women’s center, I have worked with a variety of different personalities that I hold closely to my heart. Honestly, the people I worked with have been amazing, understanding, and helpful. The experiences I had at the women’s center opened my mind to see problems

I didn’t consider beforehand. I never knew so many women in our area are in need of the shelters. I have been fortunate to be able to help some of those women by providing them with resources the women’s center offers. Lastly, I have had an amazing time attending the events that the Women’s Center holds for UMKC’s students. The programs have been as small as the Roo up event and as big as the Women who lead.

I feel like from each of these events, I have not only helped make an impact on our campus but I have also become an informed student. The events we hold are a great experience and I hope more people come out to attend in the next semester! I feel as though I am making a difference with each event that I work because I do see the impact it has on UMKC community whether we reach a few students or we reach thirty. Lastly, the work environment that the women’s center has, definitely has taught me about work ethic. This position has definitely been a new experience to me and it has provided me great opportunity for growth and I have learned skills that I can implement in future jobs but will also continue to grow as I stay here longer.