Reflecting on My First Semester at the Women’s Center

By Elise Wantling

As I write this, it is the beginning of finals week, which means the fall 2019 semester is drawing to a close, and with it ends my first semester working at the Women’s Center. I didn’t join the team until the end of October, so I haven’t been here very long, but I have learned a lot in my short time working here. I’ve learned the basic workings of the Women’s Center, like how to run the front desk. I’ve honed in on my creative skills while working with my coworker, Michelle to create a video game themed bulletin board and helped create the boxes we used for our menstrual product drive. I also became a pro button maker, making tons of buttons for our tabling events. Most importantly, I have learned about each of my coworkers, from their names and majors to what makes them a unique part of our team.

I’m sad to see the semester come to an end already. This is only my second semester at UMKC, and next semester is slated to be my last, but I’ve really come to love it here and I’m going to miss it when I graduate. Sure, my commute is long and I can never find a spot in the parking garage (except on the 5th floor), but the people here are wonderful and I love all of my professors. I’ve worked a lot of jobs during my college career, but I think my job here at the Women’s Center is one of my favorites (probably only second to my job at the library at KU). I love helping with the events and meeting people who drop by the center’s space or who attend our programming. Looking forward though, I’m excited for what the future holds. Next semester I plan on helping actually plan and run events of my own, taking more of a leadership role than I had this semester. I’m also working on becoming the new social media intern, so hopefully I’ll be the person behind the keyboard typing up interesting content on our social media sites. While I’m a little sad about graduating, I’m also super excited to finally be done with undergrad and to move on with my life. I’m getting married next May as well, and I’m excited to create a family of my own with my fiancé.

Overall, it’s been a good semester. We’ve had a lot of fun here at the Women’s Center while also putting in a lot of hard work. Some of my coworkers are leaving after this semester, and I’m going to miss them, but I’m also excited to meet the people who will take their places. Next semester is shaping up to be a good one, and I think I’m ready for it.