Kiana’s Experience At The Women’s Center

By Kiana Mullins

For the past five months, the UMKC Women’s Center has helped me gain self-confidence in my abilities. My internship was a rewarding experience because I was able to advance my knowledge in women’s equity. Learning about the reasons behind every event hosted by the Women’s Center made me aware of what the UMKC campus is missing out on. It was interesting to see the impact these events had on students. The Women’s Center benefits both men and women on campus and this is something not everyone is aware of.

The events I attended also gave me a better understanding of women’s experiences and women’s health. I have been able to advance my leadership skills and volunteering at events, and being responsible for certain tasks has helped others recognize my reliability.

I am able to recognize how beneficial the UMKC Women’s Center is because of the events that they host and resources they provide. After I walk across that stage on December 14th, I will be able to use the skills I gained through this internship in the real world. Being a part of the Women’s Center has allowed me to see the bigger picture of why it is important to promote women’s equity and inclusion.