Film Student Joins Women’s Center Staff

By Maggie Pool

Aloha! My name is Maggie Pool, and I’m an undergrad studying film and media arts here at UMKC. This is my third year at UMKC, but I started off my very first semester as a theatre major. In high school, I created props, wrote one acts, stage managed, and I acted and directed a little bit. When I got to UMKC, I eventually realized that my passions veered more towards film and photography more than the stage; however, I am grateful for the experiences and knowledge it gave me. I hope to use my abilities as a filmmaker to give a voice to those who have not been given the mainstream screen time and representation they deserve, specifically women and people of the LGBT+ community.

My passion for feminism bloomed last year when I was an RA in Johnson Hall and I found out the wing I was responsible for was entirely made up of women. I wanted to create a space where they felt celebrated, listened to, and cared for. I remember one time I was decorating a bulletin board with famous women throughout history and one of my residents came up to me and pointed at a picture of Anne Frank I had put up. She then told me that she was Jewish, and it was empowering to be represented in such a way on my bulletin board. Ever since then, I’ve made it a mission of mine to create more spaces and more projects to help women feel heard and help women feel empowered, which is why I’m so excited to be working at the Women Center this semester!