Your New Favorite Feminist Anthems

By Nina Cherry

Musician Joni Mitchell

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Celebrate your womanhood with these empowering anthems this fall.

“Woman” – Kesha After a long, bitter battle to get out of a record deal with a sexually and emotionally abusive producer, Kesha made a strong comeback in 2017 with her most recent album, Rainbow. This is my favorite track from this album, and I especially enjoy the first verse: I buy my own things, I pay my own bills/ These diamond rings, my automobiles/ Everything I got, I bought it/ Boys can’t buy my love.”

“Seashore” – The Regrettes This song defines mansplaining with the opening lyrics, You’re talkin’ to me like a child/Hey I’ve got news, I’m not a little girl.” Although all women can relate to this, I think young women can especially relate to this as we are frequently questioned because of our age and “inexperience.”

“A Case of You” – Joni Mitchell Aside from being an amazing musician and lyricist, Joni Mitchell is a feminist committed to social justice. She has paved the way for many female artists, and has helped make female sexuality not taboo. She takes control of her sexuality so poetically, and inspires women to free their sexuality and take pride in it to this day, and I believe this song is a great representation of this.

“Pins and Needles” – Margaret Glaspy I like to describe this song as unfiltered feminist rage, and Glaspy’s gravelly voice definitely adds to this idea. When the song ends, the chorus still sticks with me: But I don’t wanna watch my mouth/ No, I don’t wanna act like/ I can’t figure it out/ I don’t wanna hold you till I’m good and ready to.”