10 Things I Would Tell my Younger Self

By Ann Varner

I watched a video recently where elderly women give advice to 25-year-old women about their regrets in life. In the video they speak about the pressures of society today and how women are supposed to be “perfect.” After watching this video I started to reflect on my younger self, even if it was only a few years ago. I realized how much I’ve grown and what I wish I could go back and tell myself at 15-21 years old. This is a list of what I would tell myself and many other ladies out there who likely faced the same issues:

  1. Don’t act unintelligent and purposely fail math because you want male attention. I promise you, it’s cool to be smart.
  2. I know that boy broke your heart. I know it hurts. Don’t dwell on it, because you will miss all the good times you have with your friends.
  3. Cherish your friendships. You never know what will happen in the blink of an eye.
  4. Your mom is actually right 99% of the time.
  5. It’s okay to be different from everyone else. You don’t need to be ashamed of your Wal-Mart and thrift shop clothes. In the end, it’s all materialistic. The people who like you for who you are don’t care where you shop.
  6. It’s okay to want a life that others don’t perceive as normal. I know you don’t care about marriage or babies and that seems weird to everyone else. Don’t worry about it, one day you’ll be content with how you feel.
  7. It’s okay to want to live alone. It’s okay to enjoy your solitude.
  8. When someone shows you who they are, believe them.
  9. I know you’re humiliated by having to drive an ’89 Ford Topaz that everyone makes fun of you for. One day, you’re going to work hard enough to buy a car you like. Their opinions don’t matter.
  10. The future is now, stop yearning for what is to come and make it happen. No one besides you can create your life.

I know that 20 years from now I’ll look back on this blog and smile as I will have a new list to create. In all, I wish I had trusted myself and what I felt deep down. Most topics on this list are materialistic or about how I was perceived by others. At 25, I’m content with who I am, what I wear, and how I live. It’s a great feeling to have and I wish it for everyone else. I think that the biggest regret I have, which is similar to the ladies’ in the video, is that I had spent too much time caring about what others thought rather than just living my life. Fortunately, I get to do that now.