And So Ends a Season

By Chris Howard-Williams

It’s hard to believe my summer is almost over.  In many ways, I’m very excited.  As I’m writing this, I’m preparing to take my last final for my summer classes in just a few hours, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!  I have enjoyed my classes, but the pace of summer grad classes is intense, and I’m looking forward to a few weeks of having my evenings back before starting another semester of the grind.  I also just really like fall – the cooler weather, the colored leaves, and the pumpkin spice everything!  I long for the return of my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, and all the food, family, and fun it brings.  For the most part, I welcome the end of the summer season, and this summer is no exception!

Well, except that’s not exactly true.  There is one part of my summer that I will miss, more than I ever anticipated – my work study job at the Women’s Center.  Eight weeks seemed like such a long time back in June.  How did it go by so quickly?

I’ve learned a lot this summer.  I’ve learned how I can best support feminism as a man.  I’ve learned how to smile and talk about the Women’s Center to tired-out freshmen and their parents after a long day of orientation.  I’ve learned the best area shelters to refer women to when they call for help.  I’ve learned the ins and outs of pig ownership (you’ll have to talk to Ann about this one), and I’ve learned that I have quite a knack for making rocks out of Sculpey clay!

But most of all, I’ve learned that UMKC has one heck of an amazing Women’s Center!  I feel privileged to have been a part of it in some small way.  If you’ve never checked it out, then you need to make your way to Haag Hall, room 105, immediately!  The people who work here have been some of the friendliest, most accepting staff I’ve met on campus, and I can’t wait to stop in and visit them in the fall.  It truly has been one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve ever experienced.

But seasons do have a way of ending, and sadly my season as a Women’s Center work study student ends as well.  It has been an honor to be here, an honor to research and write these blogs posts, an honor to find different issues and articles to post on the Women’s Center Facebook and Twitter pages.  I am thankful for my time here, and I know that I leave a different person than I came.  This has been a truly incredible summer season, and the Women’s Center has meant so much more to me than I could have imagined.  Here’s to hoping that the next season in my life will be just as great!