Preparing for the Women’s March

By Zaquoya Rogers

It’s about that time of year where women from every crevice of the world gather in unison to march for legislation and policies regarding women’s issues and rights. The worldwide protest is scheduled for January 20th and 21st. You can find out where the closest one to you is on the Women’s March website. A few things to remember when safely protesting is:

1. Go with a group of friends

Not only do we need all of our soldiers to attend, we need to keep them safe as well. Stick together and try not to separate, especially in big cities.

2. Wear comfortable clothes

Any protest is a physical event. There will be walking and the weather might be cold, so wear a hat and comfortable shoes.

3. Know your rights

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Remember soldiers, the number one goal is to stay safe while standing up for our rights as women.