Why We Celebrate Women’s History Month

by Matiara Huff


Marie Curie– A physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity, she discovered Radium and Polonium.

Dorothea Lange– A documentary photographer and photojournalist who helped bring light to the realities of the great depression.

Sybil Ludington– became famous for her night ride in 1777 to alert militia forces to the approach of the British regular forces.

Sojourner Truth– After escaping slavery to freedom with her daughter, she went to court to save her son from slavery. She was the first black woman to win this type of case to a white man.

Helena Rubinstein– American businesswoman who formed one of the world’s first cosmetic companies.

Jackie Joyner-Kersee– One of the most successful female track and field athletes, she won Olympic gold in Heptathlon and Long Jump.

These are all women we either never learned about or briefly skimmed their accomplishments. All of these women lead incredible lives worth knowing about. However, as we get older and technology becomes more advanced, their stories and accomplishments become shorter and shorter. The list I have provided is just what I could find in a quick google search, but I challenge all of you this month to actually learn about one of them or any woman in history. Take the time to learn about an important women and her life instead of just her accomplishments. As a woman, the pressure to achieve greatness is stronger than ever. By looking into the lives of great women, I think you will find comfort in humanizing them.

Remember that the reason we celebrate Women’s History Month is to learn from our history, and celebrate the contributions of the women who helped us get this far.