Danielle’s Feminist Movie Playlist

By Danielle Lyons

Along with my books, I do love movies with a strong female lead. Who doesn’t like to see a woman come out on top? These are the ten movies I think of, when I think of empowering feminist films.5536183455_863d3b2fed_b

  1. Foxfire Set in the 1990’s, a group of teenage girls take on a teacher that is targeting young females in his science class. They didn’t know just what they would set in motion or how it would bond them forever.
  1. Frida This movie chronicles the life of feminist icon and artist, Frida Kahlo. From her accident on the trolley to the meeting of Diego Rivera, she remained her own person.
  1. Mona Lisa Smile Katherine Watson is an art professor in a traditional all girls university in the 1950’s. Determined to teach these girls about art and its diversity, she finds it more difficult than she anticipated.  Katherine finds herself challenging the traditional roles these women have been raised to follow.
  1. Bend it Like Beckham Jess Bhamra, is a teenager in London who has a passion for soccer. Her parents find it a frivolous use of time and actively discourage her. Determined to find her own way, Jess plays for a local team. And along the way learns a lot about herself.
  1. Matilda Matilda was born into a family who does not understand her. More often than not she is ignored and put-upon. She is a very bright girl despite her start in life, and discovers a passion for reading, a skill in which she has taught herself. Matilda is a very special girl, in more ways than one. All of this comes to a head when she starts her biggest adventure: School. This film is an absolute classic.
  1. A League of their Own This movie follows a group of women playing baseball in America’s first all-women’s league. Together these incredible athletes overcome sexism, tragedy, loss and the demands the world of baseball has to offer. These women absolutely prove that our place isn’t just in the kitchen. It’s wherever we want to go.
  1. Kill Bill Volume’s 1 & 2 This two part tale is about trained assassin, Beatrix “Black Mamba” Kiddo. After an attempted assassination from former comrades, she wakes up from a coma with one goal in mind. Revenge. She embarks on a journey to take back all that was taken from her.
  1. Clueless At first look, Cher can be seen as an airhead. As the story unfolds, Cher unknowingly gets a ‘Make Over,’ of her own. After some thought, Cher attempts to lead a more purposeful life. Although, you may have to dig, there are some definite girl power themes in this film.
  1. Persepolis This film is about an Iranian woman named, Marjane Strapi. Marjane learns a great deal about life, government, rebellion, music, love and growing up. This tale is delicately weaved, and leaves you wanting more.
  1. Boys on the Side Three women head out on a cross country road trip.  These women bond completely as their trip results in a traumatic event. This movie is filled with sisterhood and trying to overcome the impossible situations we find ourselves in. By far, one of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen.