You’re Beautiful!

Photo Sourced through Google Images via Creative Commons

Photo Sourced through Google Images via Creative Commons

By Rocky Richards

What do you love about music? I love the fact that our emotions are affected by music. Anytime I find myself down or happy, music is always my turning point. As I was sitting listening to the radio a little while back, a song came out that really touched me. I knew I had to share it with other women around me!

If you have not heard John Legends amazing song entitled “Nobody in the World” please take the time to go listen to it now.

In this song, John Legend takes the time to examine the many things that women go through on a daily basis and how these things may pull our confidence levels down. We see a woman with cancer, a transgender woman, a bride, a mother, a young girl judging her appearance, and many more. He takes the time to highlight that beauty is not what is reflected on the outside but what’s internal no matter your age, ethnicity, or culture. Everyone is different in their own way, shape, form, or fashion. You may not always see the beauty in yourself because you’re so busy judging your reflection you see in the mirror when what really counts is how you feel inside and loving yourself as you are.

I stopped and let a friend listen to this song a few days ago and the reaction she had moved me so much that I knew others would benefit by watching the video. Sometimes we all need a little bit more encouragement and this video motivates me so many days to love myself for who I am. Remember there’s no one in the world like you! If no one’s told you today, “you’re Beautiful!”