Happy Every Body is Beautiful Week!

IMG_1944 IMG_1932   IMG_1935 IMG_1936    By Kacie Otto

This week is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. In conjunction with the national campaign, the Women’s Center, partnered with the Counseling Center and Swinney Recreation Center, hosted a few events to encourage students on campus to feel positive about their bodies, no matter what type of body they currently occupy.

For the whole week, students can stop at locations all over campus including the Women’s Center, Swinney Recreation Center, the Counseling Center, the Atterbury Student Success Center, the Student Union and all of the Residence Halls to pick up packs of post it notes. Students are encouraged to write messages of positive affirmation on them and post them all across campus.

Students were also able to check us out at three different tables to play a trivia game and learn more about eating disorders, pick up operation beautiful posters, make buttons with positive messages on them, and “trash their trash talk.” It was so encouraging to see so many students take a bit of time out of their day to make others feel good about themselves and embrace body positivity.

Did you get a chance to post any positive messages across campus?