Should Women Still Be Fighting for Equal Rights?

Source: Google Images Through Creative Commons

Source: Google Images Through Creative Commons

By Rocky Richards

Believe it or not, there are individuals who feel like feminism is not needed today. I read an article in the Kansas City Star earlier this week and was shocked by the views that one woman had towards feminism. She stated, “OK, I get it. Feminism got women a lot of really good stuff. But we don’t really need it anymore. Women are equal now.” I was very confused and thought to myself, “If women like Kerry Washington, Diahann Carroll, and Phylicia Rashad decided to stop fighting for equal rights as female actors today, where would that leave me?”

So let’s explore “Feminism got women a lot of really great stuff”.  Getting a toy for Christmas is really great stuff. Purchasing some items from the store is really great stuff. Playing games with your family is really great stuff. Let’s not make it seem like fighting for equal rights is a walk around the park. It’s not something that you wake up and say ok, great ladies we’ve gotten some really great stuff, and we can go back to living our lives now. Being a feminist is a lifestyle. A feminist is someone who advocates for women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. As the president of an organization geared towards women, every day I try to make it my mission to stand up for women on our campus. I try to make sure that women know what they deserve as humans. As feminists, our job is not to hurt or hate men, but to be granted the same rights that white men have always had.

What are your thoughts and opinions about feminism? Is there still a need for feminism today? Before you answer that, think about the rights that you deserve not only as a woman but as a human being. In my opinion, feminism is needed to ensure that women have equal access to medical care, career opportunities, and safety. There is still a need for feminism in every aspect of our lives.