Catcalling is Not Cool

Source: Google images through Creative Commons

Source: Google images through Creative Commons

By Matiara Huff

Recently, I watched the video “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman.” In the video, the woman receives over 100 catcalls. Since its release, a lot of controversy has been raised over whether catcalling is a big deal or not, and it’s become apparent that many people don’t understand some of the real effects of catcalling.

First and foremost, everyone needs to understand that catcalling is not a compliment. It is rude, disrespectful, and sometimes scary. In the video, countless men yell things at this woman, and all she is doing is walking. It is very clear that a lot of men cannot read body language, because throughout this entire video there is not a second when this women looks like she wants to be acknowledged. Another factor that people fail to notice is some of the things they are saying to her as they try to force her to smile by calling her “baby,” “girl,” “beautiful,” “mami,” “sweetie,” and “darling”. None of these are her name, and none of these are appropriate for the setting.

This video only showed the lighter side of catcalling, there are definitely worst instances. Very few women enjoy these interactions with these random men. This behavior can make women feel threatened. You can see this in the video when one strange man follows the woman for four minutes straight. Being bombarded with unwanted advances is something that can be overwhelming.

Men need to realize it is not a compliment to make unwanted advances. Women should not have to deal with advances from strange men while they are simply making their morning commute. For more perspectives on this issue, check out the Daily Show’s videos.