Fashion for Feminism

SWEET_PRINCESSBy Jesse Bihlmeyer

A controversial video, Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism has been able to successfully get people talking about women’s rights and feminism. This video is taking a powerful stand on the sexism that has been pushed under the rug in our society. The girls use assertive tone, confident body language, and quite a bit of swearing – but these are the things that have made the video go viral.

The producers of this video are a known fashion organization that aims to “[arm] thousands of people with pro-LGBT equality, anti-racism and anti-sexism T-shirts that act as ‘mini-billboards’ for change,” ( Even with these messages, Kelly Faircloth, at Jezebel,  says that because this video is, “a slickly produced piece of viral marketing for ‘,’” there is essentially no merit to the message this video, and this organization.” (Faircloth). I, on the other hand, believe the message of equality far outweighs the goal of selling a t-shirt. Not only that, but fashion is a brilliant way to widely spread ideas, and is a clothing company that is profitably in a place to spread valuable ideas. Without the company, there is no video and this means without selling t-shirts the message of equal rights are not being brought to the population in such a prevalent way. Furthermore, I applaud the people at because they are using a device that is fundamentally present in all of western society, clothing, to promote an ideal that is not as present, feminism.

The video has been receiving a lot of backlash for the use of profanity– but that is the point! Without the juxtaposition of young girls in princess costumes and aggressive language there wouldn’t be the current discussion of the topics of this video. The same routine has been going on for years – it is easy to go day-in and day-out making mundane dialogues regarding unequal pay and other matters, and even easier to ignore inequality faced by women on a daily basis. The point of this video is to bring some new wave passion, commitment, awareness, and action to these topics in hopes that the discussion will not be put on the backburner any longer. It is time for the issue of inequality to be addressed. This video shows that rape, violence, body image, and other issues are more disturbing than a child saying an inappropriate word – they are issues that plague our society as a whole.