Sister Circle and Self Image

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 9.11.20 AMBy Rocky Richards

There are 365 days that make up a year and out of those days everyone receives one day (Halloween) to be someone or something else. Would you prefer to be someone else or be yourself for Halloween? Are you happy with yourself? That’s a question many think about but never dare to answer out loud. The woman of Sister Circle came together Monday October 27th to provide a space for women to actually discuss this topic.

Sister Circle is an organization on the University of Missouri-Kansas City campus whose purpose is to provide unity amongst women on campus and to provide young women with a positive environment to discuss social, personal, and academic topics.

To narrow in on the topic the women decided to reflect more on self-image and self-worth. They started by writing down anonymous questions that they had on self-image and self-worth on small pieces of paper. They were then drawn randomly from a bowl to inspire discussion. Some of the questions the women wrote down included: “How do you overcome insecurities?” “What can I do to have consistent confidence?” “How do people cope with stretch marks?” “What types of characteristics gives you a bad image?”

In a short matter of time, the women became very open with discussing these questions. Not only were they able to give support to one another but they received support as well. They found that discussing these topics out loud helped them learn that they were not the only ones with these questions in their mind. It was great to see the women come together and discuss such sensitive topics! Sometimes we forget that we are human and we all have things that we won’t like about ourselves, we all have bad days, and we don’t always wake up FLAWLESS!! Yet, it’s up to us to that everyone struggles at one point or another with self-image and self-worth! It’s also up to us to build our own confidence and positive self image.

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