Choose Your Halloween Costume for You

costumeBy Matiara Huff

Halloween is a time where people can express themselves though costumes without being judged. However, over the years Halloween has made women’s costumes less playful and more sexual. Halloween’s stereotypes of women have made the way we dress up for this holiday focus on our bodies, which is ok if that is what you are going for, but all women should have the option to choose how to represent themselves at Halloween, and not feel pressured by society.

If you were to Google almost any costume, you would notice a trend of men’s costumes being more accurate and women’s costumes being more sexualized. I just tested this by Googling male animal costumes in one window and female animal costumes in another and, sure enough, my point was proved. I also tried bumble bee, superhero, and just Halloween in general and got the same results. The pressure to be sexy for Halloween affects young girls and teens as well. The pressure for them to become a part of this standard is another reason they might find stress over body image.

We should not believe that we need to dress like a sexy toy to celebrate and be accepted on this holiday. We are stronger than that so I propose to every woman to dare to be different this year. I want you all to ignore everyone else’s opinion or stereotypes and be whatever you want to be! Rather than blending in with the crowd, stand out and shine. Become the role model for younger girls who think they have to be sexy to celebrate Halloween. Don’t be self-conscious, be self-confident! Choose your costume because it makes you happy, whether it’s sexy or silly.