Was it good for you?

In today’s world, we are swimming in a hook-up culture. Between popular media and busy schedules, this type of “relationship” (also known as casual sex) has replaced traditional dating for today’s generation. Now that 91% pf college students have said they practice this style of dating, it begs some questions. Is this healthy? Is it mutually beneficial?

When the big screen depicts the traditional heterosexual “hook-up” both the male and female rush together in a fit of heated lust and then onlookers see them depicted in post-coital bliss. Is this reality though?

Studies show that a mere 40% of women orgasm during casual sex.

Is this because of the traditional belief that women need emotional connection with an intimate partner in order to feel turned-on?

Looking at the prevalence of “hook-up culture” this idea seems most unlikely.

Writer Danica Johnson at Everyday Feminism offers some insight on this phenomena. She argues that the enveloping culture surrounding hook-ups offers a male-centered view of sex that often leaves women less than thrilled. Is there still a benefit to hooking-up for women? Read the complete article here for more: