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Demanding Equal Rights for All Bodies: Going Topless

By Morgan Paul


As many of you may know, Sunday was topless day! As nice as that sounds on hot days like today, it has much more meaning than just avoiding tan lines and sweat stains; it was a nationwide demonstration to fight another part of our gender equity battle. Few states allow women to go topless in public, and even the ones that do will arrest women for things such as disorderly conduct. Unfortunately, this is not a high priority issue to many women because they don’t want to go topless. That is completely their choice, but this does add to the over-sexualization of women’s bodies. Women are shamed every day for showing “too much breast” or “not enough leg.” Why must we be subject to such discrimination? Men walk around topless no matter their size, amount of hair, tan lines, etc. and are never told to cover up. It’s time for us to take charge of the streets and demand equal rights for equal bodies. You can learn more and sign the petition at