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New Women’s Center Student Assistant Wants to Make a Difference

mopaulllllHello! Howdy! Hey! Hi! My name’s Morgan Paul and I’m a new addition to the Women’s Center! I am a first year student at UMKC and I chose to come to here because I knew that it was a LGBT friendly campus and very innovative. I chose the Women’s Center for the same reason. I want to make my time here count,not only by being involved, but by really making a difference. I plan on majoring in psychology and minoring in women’s and gender studies, and would like to go on to get my master’s degree in queer theory/human sexuality. My final goals are to help queer youth and fight the inequities in this world. I am so excited to be able to attend and assist with all of the wonderful events that the Women’s Center has to offer and I hope to see you there!