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Merida by Michelle Wright

Merida by Michelle Wright

Disney has received a lot of negative attention recently for their “makeover” of Merida from Pixar’s Brave. Her new look has thousands of fans outraged at the new princess appearance: her trademark curly red hair is now in long waves, her waist is slightly smaller, her face is covered in makeup, and her dress now features an off-the-shoulder collar. And…her bow was missing.

News of Disney’s new 2-D rendering of Merida spread across the internets like wildfire. Upset fans called out Disney artists for the new look, and even started a petition at Change.org to #keepMeridaBrave. The creators of popular website, A Mighty Girl, have even created a webpage dedicated to those who want to join the fight against Disney to leave Merida as she was, complete with sample telephone and email scripts and contact information for Disney. Brenda Chapman, writer and co-director of Brave, has given many interviews in recent weeks. She states that fan support for Merida has been overwhelming. Like Merida’s fans, Chapman is outraged that young women are receiving a message that their happiness ultimately resides within the princess fairy tale image: married to a handsome prince and living in a castle while wearing  a ball gown.

Below are several links for interviews and op-eds on the controversy, including a link to footage of Merida’s recent Walt Disney World coronation.


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