April Showers Bring Girl Powers

By Morgan Elyse

Spring is abloom in Kansas City and so are our women in film!

The Kansas City Women in Film and Television have an entire night of film-related excitement at the Kansas City Film Festival and UMKC’s female (and male) film students have been working diligently to finish and submit their semester’s work to the Middle of the Map Fest by the 20th of April and the Paris of the Plains International Student Film Festival by the 11th of May.

I personally had the pleasure of being a crewmember of two short film productions written and directed by women of UMKC (one of which was an all female crew) in the past few weeks. I also just finished shooting my own short film this past weekend and cannot wait to get it edited and share it with you all and everyone who busted their butts to help me make it. And don’t forget how well CineWomen turned out in March!

I can’t express to you how wonderful a feeling it is to sense that the industrial side of filmmaking is quickly becoming no longer just a man’s world. We are making a difference!

The Kansas City Film Festival and Kansas City Women in Film and Television presented their 2013 Short Screenplay Contest Staged Reading at 5:45pm at the Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet – Theatre 4 on the 11th of April. This KC Film Fest event is sure to be a hit as some of Kansas City’s most talented local actors read the screenplays of contest finalists!

Following the readings will be a screening of two short films based off of the screenplays of last year’s contest winners; The Rest of Her written by Jennifer Friend & directed by Timothy Friend and Wrong Number written by Amber Rapp & directed by Patrick Rea. Concluding the eventful evening is a screening of the feature length film, A Teacher, directed by Hannah Fidell.

Show your support and keep up the good work, everybody. Spring 2013 is looking like a season to remember!