New Blog Editor at the Women’s Center

By  Courtney Neaveill

Greetings everyone! My name is Courtney Neaveill and I am the new Blog Editor at the UMKC Women’s Center. In the fifth grade I had a regular habit of telling people that I was going to be the first woman president. Although my plans since then have changed, I still maintain an avid interest in women’s equality and women’s issues. I am in my fourth and final semester at UMKC and plan to graduate in May with my Bachelor’s degree in Modern European History and a German Language minor. Outside of working at the Women’s Center and tutoring German at the Language Resource Center, I am also working on two research projects in the History Department. Before arriving at UMKC, I lived for two years in Berlin, Germany where I worked as an Au Pair and tutored English. My goal is to return to Germany after graduation, where I would like to pursue a Master’s degree in the field of German History. Outside of my busy work and school schedule, I always fancy a night out on the town – either exploring local eateries or attending concerts by Kansas City’s world class musicians! The Women’s Center has given me the opportunity to participate in an important organization at a local level and for that I am very thankful. Through my involvement at the Women’s Center I hope to broaden my range of knowledge about current women’s issues which I can then apply to my studies and future endeavors. There are a variety of events on the calendar this semester and I am anxious to take part in the excitement!