An Energetic New Addition to the Women’s Center

By Tria Tatum

Come in to meet me, Tria Tatum, the newest addition to the Women’s Center Family. I am a fresh inspiring talent here to generate flavor into what is hip and happening in the Women Center. I am a first year student at UMKC majoring in Pre-Pharmacy and Spanish and I have a natural desire to empower women of all races and identities. I am excited and ready to make a lasting impression on UMKC. My interests include math, science, sports, pharmacy studies, and divinity; additionally, I have a personal goal to bring my own special energy to Women Center events and blogs.  I am originally from St. Louis and have enjoyed my transition to Kansas City, especially since I know that I am now attending one of the top schools for medical professionals. After becoming a Pharmacist I look forward to becoming a role model for all women around me.