Dr. Pepper Ten, “It’s Not for Women.”

By Kristina Gardner

Dr. Pepper is telling ladies that they shouldn’t drink Dr. Pepper Ten. They are also saying that women don’t like action films, and asking if you are “manly enough”. Of course as soon as this campaign was released there was outrage; over the internet, on blogs, and especially on their Facebook Wall. But Dr. Pepper couldn’t let bad publicity reach their Facebook Wall about pushing women away, being sexist, boycotts, and shamefulness. So, the bright minds behind the Dr. Pepper Ten campaign have been deleting any and all negative comments about their product. There are entire blogs dedicated to the posts that have been deleted. Even popular websites that round up the “buzz” on the Internet have gotten into it, rounding up comments into one listing of the top ten comments about the outrage that women are having.

The saddest part is that, even the campaign alienates men as well. Listing ten man’ments of how to be manly, what you should never do as a man, etc. What man wants to be told how to be more manly and what they should and shouldn’t do as a “man”? 

There are plenty of feminists and feminist organizations that are calling for a boycott of the new ten calorie diet soda, as well as all other Dr. Pepper products; with Facebook groups, blogs, and even online news.

As an avid Dr. Pepper drinker myself, I find myself confused about what to do. I guess we all just have to ask ourselves, are we going to continue drinking Dr. Pepper because it’s our favorite drink, or are we going to look at the big picture, and boycott the sexist campaign until Dr. Pepper realizes what they did wrong, and change it.