Starr Community Conversation: “Who Does She Think She Is?”

By Maritza Gordillo

On Tuesday, March 22nd, I attended the Starr Community Conversation: Technology and Modern Families. This discussion was very interesting to me because it helped me understand that technology can be beneficial for balancing work/life if you know how to moderate yourself; as well as harmful if you overdo it. Although this conversation was open to all ages, it more importantly focused on how to best integrate the use of technology within families in our community.

This evening, April 12th, the Starr Community Conversation: “Who Does She Think She Is?” Balancing Family Life with Creative Careers will be taking place at the Truman Forum auditorium in the KC Public Library from 6pm-9pm. This conversation will be discussing the documentary “Who Does She Think She Is?” and the unique challenges women and men come across in balancing their creative careers and family life.