July Celebrates Women’s Motorcycle Month

In May, Harley Davidson celebrated Women Riders Month and now during the month of July, Nationwide Insurance has teamed with the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum to celebrate Women’s Motorcycle Month. The month is to celebrate women motorcyclists, both present female riders and women riders of the past who paved the way.

While this sport has been male-dominated in the past, women are taking to the open road on a motorcycle now more than ever.  In fact, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council, there are nearly four and a half million women motorcycle riders on the road today.  Actually, one out of every 10 motorcycle owners is a woman, and that number continues to be on the rise.  These ‘motorcycle women’ continue to break down barriers and stereotypes.  For example, women motorcyclists tend to be much more affluent, mature, and highly educated women. In addition to being well rounded women, they are also safety-conscious and are very knowledgeable about their motorcycles.  About one-third of women motorcycle riders complete a Motorcycle Safety Course (MSC), which is an intensive training that teach both women and men about motorcycles and how to ride safely.  According to MSC, more women than men complete the training.

Motorcycling is another great example that women can do anything men can do and that prevailing gender stereotypes don’t have to continue.