Flex-Work Helps with Work/Life Balance

Recently, NPR took an in-depth look at women in the workplace through a 3-part series about Flex- Work.  According to the report, women now hold half of all jobs and are faced with the demands of balancing a career and family more than ever.  In order for employers to retain some of their most valuable employees, many of whom are working mothers, more and more businesses are joining the trend to create more flexible work environments.  By offering flexible work schedules, telecommuting options, job sharing, or a results-only work environment, working mothers have the flexibility to create their work schedules around their kids’ school days or extra-curricular activities. What this means for women is less stress worrying about after-school care, snow days, or a sick child, and less guilt about missing out on school activities or family time.  What this means for employers is happier, more focused employees who feel valued and trusted; resulting in higher productivity and employer loyalty.  It’s a win–win for both sides.  Listen to or read the full series and find out how several women have benefitted from Flex-Work including one report on how Flex-Work can make low-income jobs more family friendly.  Then think about your own workplace.  Could it use a little flexibility too?