State-level Organizations Combating Domestic Violence

In my last post, aside from giving a very brief overview of the history of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I highlighted some organizations at the national level that work to raise awareness about, and to directly combat, domestic violence. Today I will bring the focus a little closer to home by presenting a couple state-level organizations which just happen to be closely connected to the Domestic Violence Awareness Project.

Since the UMKC Women’s Center is located in Missouri (just barely), it’s logical to begin with the Missouri Coalition against Domestic & Sexual Violence (or MOCADSV). On their website, MOCADSV lists their main objectives as Education, Assistance, Alliance, and Research. Perhaps they best sum up their purpose this way: “The Coalition also serves as a voice for programs at the state and national levels to advocate for women and their children, and to improve funding sources, public policy, systems and responses to domestic and sexual violence”. There is also a very broad membership base consisting of both organizations and individuals. This is a great opportunity for those seeking to get involved at the state and/or local level. They also provide a list of service providers from across the state.

Seeing as UMKC is only a few blocks from Jayhawk country, it is only fitting to talk about the Kansas Coalition against Sexual and Domestic Violence (or KCSDV). KCSDV, like its counterpart in Missouri, is a broad coalition of organizations and individuals, which takes a very comprehensive approach to fighting domestic and sexual violence. You will also find a list of service providers and resources at the KCSDV website. Just like MOCADSV, the Kansas coalition also provides opportunities for organizations and individuals to get directly involved.

Next time, I will highlight a few area resources for fighting domestic violence and raising awareness. Until then, be well!