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Brenda (the Director of the Women’s Center) and I have been debating over the last week whether or not to blog about any of the Democratic National Convention. There have been some pretty significant speeches made by and about women, and it seems like something that would belong on a women’s center blog. At the same time, we would feel just as strongly about blogging about the Republican National Convention. Rather than blog about one or the other, we’ve decided not to blog about either. This doesn’t mean we’re completely oblivious to what’s going on in the world of politics, but it does mean that we want to make sure that our students understand that the Women’s Center is a place for all students – Democrats, Republicans and everything else. While some issues for which we advocate may seem to fall to one side or the other, we hope that students see that our main concern here is supporting women and feel that this is a safe place to come to discuss whatever their political beliefs may be.

We also hope that students will take the time to stop by (or post a comment) and let us know what they feel are the important issues of this political campaign. How might one candidate’s views affect women? What are the issues in the current campaign that affect or involve women? What issues aren’t in the current campaign that you would like to see? Let us know what you’re thinking!

2 thoughts on “Party Line

  1. I understand not wanting to jump into the politics of the debates but as you mentioned, there are some really important things going on that are affecting the history of women in the United States. To not note these changes would be a huge missed opportunity. How about the mixed messages that come from seeing a prominent woman leader not supporting even basic feminist policies? Or debating the idea that she was only chosen as a political ploy, furthering the use of people being used because of gender instead of accomplishments and what they can contribute? These things really shouldn’t be overlooked as a way to not show partisanship.

  2. UMKC Women's Center

    Excellent point, Trisha. I do think we’ll be jumping in the debate about some of the issues affecting women, I just wanted to explain why we weren’t posting about some of the speakers at the conventions. There will be some especially interesting issues arising with the recent VP pick by McCain, as well. Thanks for your comments!

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