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January Meeting


  1. Welcome
  2. Recap of last meeting
  3. WordPress Presentation – Jake Kupiec
  4. Information Exchange – breakout groups
    *Web videos: Getting started on creating video for your site, how to produce it cheaply, and delivery platforms
    *Web site launch and beyond: Ideas about the process of launching new Web sites as well as how to keep content fresh
  5. Questions, Comments, Suggestions?


  1. Action: Please notify others who might want to attend the Basic Web training and email Beth to sign up for a session. The dates are Jan 13, Jan 25, Feb 10, and Feb 23 from 2:30-3:30.
  2. Action: Pat Burch would like the WLG members to point folks in their academic unit to the resources that are currently available on campus and generally free versus turning to her to buy expensive, unneccessary software.

Meeting Notes