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Checking for Broken Links

Broken links are one of the most frustrating things for a visitor to your site, but can also one of the most tedious things to maintain. Luckily, there are some helpful tools available that can do the checking for you.

I’ve tried a number of these, but unless you are checking a very specific section of the site, they can be cumbersome and take a lot of time. Here are some online tools that I’ve found work to work well:




Jquery on the server

In an attempt to cut down on redundancy on our servers, I’ve installed jquery on the main server in the umkc-standards folder, the same folder where the standard CSS and header/footer files are located. I’ve posted an example page in the folder so that you can see the tool in action.


If you want to use jquery on your site, you can pull the javascript from this location.



Feel free to create your own CSS with the Jquery themeroller, but if you are wanting to use standard colors, I have created a umkc theme as well.

Designing for the Color Impaired

Designing for color blindOne of the goals I’d like to see us embrace more in our overall Web presence is accessibility. I came across this helpful tool recently and thought I’d share.

Color Oracle is a free tool available for Windows, Mac and Linux that adjusts your monitor with the click of a button so that you can get an idea of how things on your screen would appear to someone with a color vision impairment. This will help you gauge if the contrast between text and background is sufficient for all visitors of your Web site so you can avoid problems with navigation or legibility.