Handy WordPress Plugins

When developing sites for the university, there are a few WordPress plugins that we have found to be especially useful.

The Events Calendar
A smooth calendar interface to track upcoming events. Plug in all your events at once, and choose how many upcoming events you want to display. Events drop off the list as the date of their occurrence passes.

Simple 301 Redirects
Need to set up redirects to new pages on your site? This helpful tool makes it as easy as plugging in the website addresses for the old page and the new one – tada!

Many folks are probably familiar with the accordions we’ve been using for years on our sites. This plugin makes using accordions simple, as well as easy to style.

Need a table for your site? This one took me only 30 minutes to set up and style in one of my sites. Definitely an easy tool to use for any table.

Ninja Forms
I wish building all forms was this easy. Ninja Forms provides different types of fields, and you merely have to drag and drop them to make your form. Add it to the page, and it will use whatever styling you already have in place.
Feel free to add additional plugins in the comments below if you have suggestions!

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