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Boilerplates for Web and Email

The start-up time for new website and email projects is often cumbersome. Boilerplates and frameworks are a great way to speed up setup time and get you focused on the real project at hand.

The power behind boilerplates is that they are a conglomeration of collective knowledge and continually in development,  responding to new web-standards and technology.

HTML5 Boilerplate
Email Boilerplate


Web Coders Sandbox: CodePen

As the web development community grows here on UMKC’s campus, we thought a good way to interact, collaborate, inspire, and entertain would be to meetup in a front-end “playground” (A.K.A. Sandbox). We would like to introduce you to CodePen.

Screebshot of CodePen Home Page
Two features that are really handy that we will definitely be taking advantage of as a group:

  1. Tags– these allow you to place labels on your work and also search for others. So, if you are looking for inspiration on a new design or javascript interaction for a form field, simply search the tag “form” or “input”
  2. Forks– forking allows you to take someone else’s pen and start modifying it without messing up their own work. This is great for collaborative projects and innovation

We’d love to see your first pen after you sign in to CodePen. Please share your first by leaving a comment on this page.

June 2010 meeting


  1. Welcome
  2. Recap of last meeting
  3. Announcements
    • Web 2 – Jim Schonemann
    • A note about Web cleanup – Alia
  4. Presentation: HTML 5 – Vishal
  5. Resources/Cool tools
  6. Questions, Comments, Suggestions?


  1. Web2: please continue to move your web files from the web2 server to the dev and prod servers as the server retires on June 30.
  2. If your web folder on dev and prod contains folder names that start with an underscore, please delete these files. Please do not remove these files on the web2 server.

Presentation:  Vishal presented an introduction to  HTML5.