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Is There Anything Good About Boys? Has modern feminism gone too far?

Featuring a debate with Professor June Carbone and Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers Wednesday, October 19th 12:00 noon UMKC School of Law, Student Lounge Lunch Provided  

Class Actions: Why Children of Top Conservatives Support Gay Marriage But Not Abortion

By June Carbone While Congress is in the midst of trying to toughen abortion restrictions, Barbara Bush (junior) has joined the ranks of the children of prominent Republicans who endorse gay marriage. For many conservatives, abortion and gay marriage both strike at the heart of the family. But children of prominent Republicans do not often raise their […]

How to Stop the Right’s Campaign Against Rape Victims

By June Carbone The Republican leadership is at it again. House Republicans rode into office on claims that President Obama and the Democratic Congress were promoting a “liberal” agenda rather than focusing on the real task at hand — job creation. Yet the first act of the new Republican House was a symbolic repeal of […]