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Dr. Jennifer Phegley Awarded the 2013 Curran Fellowship for Research and the WGS Faculty Research Grant

Dr. Jennifer Phegley, Professor and Co-Chair, Department of English, was awarded the 2013 Curran Fellowship for Research on the 19th-Century Press by the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals.  She also recently received a Women’s and Gender Studies Faculty Research Grant for her project on mid-19th century niche-market periodicals for women, boys, and girls.

Dr. Phegley and Miun Gleeson received funding from a Friends of the Library Grant for the purchase of Fanny Trollope’s series of wedlock and widow novels.

Dr. Phegley was invited by the 18th- and 19th-Century Studies Group at the University of Missouri-Columbia to present “Victorian Girls Gone Wild: Matrimonial Advertising in the London Journal and Bow Bells” on March 8.  She also conducted a workshop on “Approaches to Scholarship in Transatlantic Nineteenth-Century Studies” at the Kansas State University English Department Graduate Student Conference on March 30.