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WGS Faculty Research Grant Applications Due March 11

UMKC WGS Faculty Research Grants
Guidelines – 2013


Women’s and Gender Studies offers research grants of up to $1,000 for WGS faculty research initiatives with a Women’s and/or Gender Studies focus. For academic year 2012-13 WGS has a total of $3,000 to disburse.

Types of projects funded

Awards are granted for various types of research activities and research needs, including:

  • travel costs to research sites
  • presentation of original research at symposia/conferences
  • research equipment & supplies
  • duplication of archival materials (microfilm, DVD, xeroxes, etc.)*
  • compensation for research participants and research assistants
  • literature to support a new project (including books, journals, etc.)*

*an itemized list is required to request monies for these purposes


WGS Research Grants are open to those who contribute to the WGS program. Applicants can resubmit an unsuccessful proposal one time only. Grant winners must wait two years from the end of their projects before applying for another WGS Research Grant.

Application Procedures

Applications should include three copies of the following:

  • application form
  • project abstract (no more than 250 words)
  • proposal & budget (no more than 5 pages, double-spaced) should include:
    • a detailed explanation of the project
    • a statement of how this project fits into current and future research plans
    • a statement about the applicant’s contributions to the WGS program
    • a statement about the importance of the project for the enhancement of WGS at UMKC
    • a description of the anticipated outcome of the project (conference presentation, publication, etc)
    • an itemized budget, detailing expenditures and a justification for those expenditures
    • Note that the System per diem is $42/day [$21/day for fewer than 12 hours] and that mileage should be calculated at the university rate of $.525 per mile. More information on System reimbursement policies can be found at:
  •  curriculum vitae

Application Deadline

Applications should be submitted to Dr. Linda Mitchell via email ( by Monday, March 11, 2013. Awards will be announced in early April.

Post Project

At the end of the project, the faculty member is expected to do one or more of the following:

  • submit a one-page written report to the Director of WGS
  • provide a short oral report to the WGS faculty at the next regular meeting
  • give a formal presentation to WGS faculty/students.

WGS Research Grants Committee

The WGS Research Grants Committee for 2013 will be comprised of one (1) scholar from outside of UMKC and two (2) UMKC WGS faculty members who will review proposals and award the grants. The UMKC committee members will include either the Director of WGS or the Starr Professor and a previous WGS Research Grants winner. No critiques of proposals (successful or not) will be given by the Grants Committee.