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Recent Publications from Dr. June Carbone

June Carbone is the Edward A. Smith/Missouri Chair of Law, the Constitution and Society.  Professor Carbone writes extensively about the legal issues surrounding marriage, divorce, and family obligations, especially within the context of the recent revolutions in biotechnology.

Professor Carbone’s recent publications:

“Unpacking Inequality and Class: Family, Gender and the Reconstruction of Class Barriers,” 45 New England L. Rev. 101 (2011) (endowed lecture)

“Teaching Controversial Subjects,” with Beth Burkstrand-Reid and Jennifer S. Hendriks, 49 Family Court Review (2011)

“Out Of The Channel And Into The Swamp: How Family Law Fails In A New Era Of Class Division,” 39 Hofstra L. Rev. 859 (2011) (endowed lecture)

“Marriage, Parentage and Child Support,” with Naomi Cahn, 45 Family Law Quarterly 219 (2011)

“Marriage As a State of Mind: Federalism, Contract and the Expressive Interest in Family Law,” 49 Michigan State L. Rev. (2011)

“Neuroscience and Ideology: Why Science Can Never Supply a Complete Answer for Adolescent Immaturity,” in Law and Neuroscience, Michael Freeman, ed. (Oxford University Press, 2011)