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By Brenda Bethman

Happy International Women’s Day and Feminist Coming Out Day! There is a TON of stuff going on, both IRL and in the virtual world. Here in Kansas City, you can take part in our local Feminist Coming Out Day events (also be sure to check out the UMKC gallery on the national website. If you’d like to add yourself to the project, email a photo and a short statement about why you’re a feminist to

In the virtual world, there is a ton of good content out on the interwebs celebrating women and feminism. There’s far too much for one person to link to, but here are some to get you started:

Sady Doyle on why we need a Coming Out Day for Feminism

Celebrate International Women’s Day with AAUW

Guide to Celebrating Feminist Coming Out Day

Hillary Clinton on the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day. Let’s do as she asks and

mark this day by finding ways to ensure women and girls’ access to education, health care, jobs, and credit, and to protect their right to live free from violence.


Finally, if you’re on Twitter, be sure to tweet using the hash tag #afeministlookslike or #ilooklikeafeminist (which is what the #sachat folks are using). Below are some tweets from some of my favorite tweeps for you to use as inspiration:

Today I am proudly standing with feminists around the world for International Women's Day. I stand for my daughter. #ilooklikeafeminist
Deb Schmidt-Rogers
.I am a feminist. Today I stand for the women who stood for me, and for millions more who haven't yet found their voice. #ilooklikeafeminist
Julie P-Kirchmeier
.Today I stand with feminists around the world. I am grateful 4 those who came b4 me. I am a role model 4 my daughter. #ilooklikeafeminist
Laurie Berry

What about you? How will you celebrate International Women’s Day and Feminist Coming Out Day? Tell us in the comments!

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