New Photography Exhibit opening at Miller Nichols Library

By , November 12, 2013 5:04 pm

RBExhibitMNLInvite‘Chance Encounters’ photography exhibit opens Nov 13

Artist Rolf Brommelsiek creates and photographs staged environments to elicit emotion and examine the complicated relationship between automobile and man.

“The tension and mystery contained within these images coupled with their ability to elicit a sense of ‘no place/no time’, the real and the imagined, and the blurring of past with present, serve as the foundation for this body of work.”

‘Chance Encounters: The Photograph as Palimpsest’ exhibits in the Dean’s Gallery on the second floor of UMKC’s Miller Nichols Library through January 30, 2014.  Meet the artist during an opening reception on November 13, 2013 from 4-6:00pm.

Rolf Brommelsiek,  artist and designer, creates architectural design elements for commercial projects.  These include specialty features in Club Med’s first urban center in Paris, France, as well as restaurants in San Francisco, California and Naples, Florida.  His artistic projects include numerous public sculptures, with his work Rabone 9 was selected for Kansas City’s Avenue of the Arts.  Returning to his roots in photography, Brommelsiek has recently focused on creating theatrical ‘sets’ around specific themes that are photographed.  The result of this process are two bodies of work:  ‘Homage to Detroit’ that explored the car as myth in society, and ‘Chance Encounters: The Photograph as Palimpsest’ which examines the car through a series of staged environments to elicit a mood of tension and mystery.  Brommelsiek holds a Master of Fine Arts from Florida State University in sculpture.

UMKC 2014-2015 Scholarships Application Now Available

By , November 12, 2013 4:54 pm

scholarshipsThe application for competitive undergraduate UMKC scholarships is now available on-line for the 2014-2015 academic year.  This application allows currently enrolled full-time students to apply for most institutional scholarships with one form.  Review the list of competitive scholarships on the Financial Aid and Scholarships Website (click on each scholarship for eligibility requirements; please note that some scholarships require a separate application).

The competitive scholarship application can be completed and submitted on-line by logging-in at this site.  You will also need to submit 2 letters of reference.   Some scholarships also require completion of the FAFSA.  All application materials must be submitted by March 1, 2014.

Additional scholarship opportunities for the 2014-2015 academic year may be available within your Academic Unit and department.  Be sure to check with your adviser to learn more.

Ready for Finals?

By , November 12, 2013 4:36 pm

study groupsSo here’s the countdown:  this week, next week, Thanksgiving break, first week of December, finals week…are you ready??

Are you starting to stress about the end of the semester?  A little stress is good, but here are some simple suggestions that will make a world of difference in managing the stress of these last few weeks!

First, make sure you are getting plenty of sleep.  All-nighters are really not that productive, and in fact can make your memory even worse by focusing too much on the immediate and not enough on long-term retention.  Instead, set aside time each day to review your notes, read a chapter or two, and take time to absorb the material.  Studying with a friend will make the time go faster and you can help each other out by explaining key concepts.  There are great group-study spaces at Miller Nichols Library–and you’ll be close to any resource you might need!

Don’t forget to make some time for yourself–go for a walk or run at Swinney, go to a museum, or go out to dinner with friends.  College is all about balance, and that includes making time to put the focus on you and your mental health.  Sometimes, you just need a break–try meditating or any deep-breathing relaxation techniques.  To get you started, you can check out some of the online resources available on the Counseling Center’s website.  There are also some great free apps for iPad and iPhone that can help.  The MindBody Connection in the Student Success Center can also help you work in some balance and stress relief.

You too can reduce your stress levels!   By taking care of yourself–mentally and physically–and looking at all projects and papers as smaller parts of a puzzle, these next few weeks will breeze by and you will be well-prepared and ready for the final paper, presentation, or exam.

Apply now for Summer Washington D.C. Internship Program

By , November 11, 2013 4:38 pm

Harry S Truman CenterThe UMKC Truman Center is celebrating Harry Truman’s legacy of public service with a “Bootstrap Scholarship” award that will permit students who otherwise might not be able to do so to spend four weeks in Washington, D.C.

The purpose is to introduce two qualified undergraduates interested in public service to the national policy process through a month-long immersion experience with the Washington, D.C. offices of the Missouri Congressional delegation or other offices as appropriate.

Student interns will be assigned to governmental offices (legislative or administrative) and will work with identified mentors while there. Ordinarily, the internship is to be completed during a one-month assignment during the Summer Academic Session during the month of June. In those cases where the student and placement site agree upon a longer placement (and the student can find sufficient funding to cover the added costs), a longer placement may be agreed to by the Truman Center.

The internships will be available to students who meet the following criteria:

  • Full-time status at UMKC as a rising junior or rising senior
  • Minimum UMKC GPA of 3.25
  • Any academic major provided the student has had at least one American Government course at the college level. Preference will be given to those students with a demonstrated interest in public service and civic leadership.

Applicants are to submit an application that must contain:

  1. An “Essay of Interest in Government Service” in which they describe why they believe they would benefit from this experience and how it would fit into their academic program and career plans.
  2. A current UMKC transcript, a current resume, a statement that documents their need or worthiness for “Bootstrap” assistance.
  3. At least three letters of recommendation. At least two recommendations must be from instructors who know the student’s work at UMKC and one must be from someone who knows the student as a person outside the classroom – as an employee, community volunteer, athlete or in another role that the student has successfully fulfilled. This letter can come from off-campus or from such a person on campus if the student does not have an off-campus contact.

The completed application portfolio with all required materials will be due in the Truman Center mail box, Room 302 Scofield Hall by 3 p.m., December 17, 2013. Questions? Contact Gayla Curtis at 816-235-2720 or by email at:

Applications will be reviewed by a committee associated with UMKC and the Truman Center. Applicants may be asked in for an interview. Successful applicants will be notified by February 5, 2014.

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School of Graduate Studies Announces New Research Grant Program

By , November 11, 2013 4:33 pm

GradStudiesThe School of Graduate Studies announces a new research grant program to support the thesis and dissertation research of doctoral and master’s students. The new program allows for students to request up to $7,500.

“We asked faculty, students and staff where we could have the greatest impact and how we could help the University attain its strategic goals,” said Denis Medeiros, dean of the School of Graduate Studies. “A University goal is the promotion of research and economic development, and that says it all. Graduate education and research go hand in hand, and we chose this as our investment in UMKC’s future.”

The grant program will result in approximately 45 grant awards after applications have gone through a faculty review process. Deadline for applications is February 3, 2014. Details on the program can be found on the School of Graduate Studies website. Other award competitions are also listed.

Gallery of Art Media Exhibition and Interdisciplinary Event Series

By , November 4, 2013 4:55 pm

SonanceThe Sonance Media Exhibition and Interdisciplinary Event Series will present digital media, performance, and installation-based work each week throughout the month of November and the first week of December.

Spanning diverse disciplines such as dance, sound, video and installation, Sonance is the first of its kind at the UMKC Gallery of Art.  This exhibition showcases forms of expression that activate all our senses and engage in phenomenological outcomes.  Please join us each week for a new sensorial experience at the UMKC Gallery of Art.

Digital media work on view between events, during gallery hours:

  • Cooper Holoweski: Katabasis
  • Jeffrey Moser: Poppies Will Put Them To Sleep
  • Joshua Haycraft: Celebrations

Schedule of events:

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