Ready for Finals?

By , November 12, 2013 4:36 pm

study groupsSo here’s the countdown:  this week, next week, Thanksgiving break, first week of December, finals week…are you ready??

Are you starting to stress about the end of the semester?  A little stress is good, but here are some simple suggestions that will make a world of difference in managing the stress of these last few weeks!

First, make sure you are getting plenty of sleep.  All-nighters are really not that productive, and in fact can make your memory even worse by focusing too much on the immediate and not enough on long-term retention.  Instead, set aside time each day to review your notes, read a chapter or two, and take time to absorb the material.  Studying with a friend will make the time go faster and you can help each other out by explaining key concepts.  There are great group-study spaces at Miller Nichols Library–and you’ll be close to any resource you might need!

Don’t forget to make some time for yourself–go for a walk or run at Swinney, go to a museum, or go out to dinner with friends.  College is all about balance, and that includes making time to put the focus on you and your mental health.  Sometimes, you just need a break–try meditating or any deep-breathing relaxation techniques.  To get you started, you can check out some of the online resources available on the Counseling Center’s website.  There are also some great free apps for iPad and iPhone that can help.  The MindBody Connection in the Student Success Center can also help you work in some balance and stress relief.

You too can reduce your stress levels!   By taking care of yourself–mentally and physically–and looking at all projects and papers as smaller parts of a puzzle, these next few weeks will breeze by and you will be well-prepared and ready for the final paper, presentation, or exam.

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