Stay Healthy despite the stress

By , October 15, 2013 9:02 am

Library BooksIt is getting to be that time of semester when everything seems to hit at once, and the worst part is that things won’t slow down again until after finals are over!  Throw in the fact that flu season is starting, and what we have is a dangerous mix!  Try to keep a healthy balance of stress (for motivation!) but plan now so it won’t overwhelm you.  You are probably taking your mid-term exams right now, so this means you are half-way through the semester.  Are you ready for finals?

Being mentally healthy can be difficult when school gets really stressful.  However, there are things you can do to help.  If you haven’t already, plan your day-to-day schedule.  You should know by now how much time you need to study for each class, so you can adjust your schedule as needed.  Don’t forget to schedule some down time and time with friends, although try to avoid making that a priority.  During study breaks, do what you can to relax.  There are many apps that have been built specifically for relaxation.  Using an app like “Breathe to Relax” can help you get rid of unnecessary tension and clear your head, allowing you to focus and get more done when studying and working on projects.

It is also important to keep yourself physically healthy.  Be sure you are eating right… this means try to avoid living off of junk food!  When you are up late, try to make your snacks healthy.  If you want something to crunch on, try carrots or almonds instead of chips.  These will help fill you up and leave you more satisfied.  Also be sure you are getting enough exercise.  At the end of the semester, it is easy to go weeks without lifting anything heavier than your bookbag, or have your only running be from exam to exam.  Even though it may be difficult, try to get to Swinney Recreation Center at least a few times a week.  If you can’t give up the time studying, hit the treadmill and walk while you read your textbook or practice with flashcards.

Maintain your sleep schedule as much as you can.  There may be a few late nights, but try to be sure you are getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night.  This will add to productivity during the day because you won’t be as tired and groggy!    Get a flu shot sooner, rather than later; shots are offered through the Student Health and Wellness.  Last of all, if you do happen to get sick, don’t try to power through it.  Know your limits, and know when you just need to spend some quality time in bed resting.

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