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Census Analysis Report : 1950, 2000, 2010 (Troost Ave. Brush Creek to 43rd St.)

My research was over census analysis in 1950, 2000 and 2010. During the time of 1950 from Brush Creek to 43rd St were dominantly occupied by white alone only about one percent occupied by African-American. But the educational attainment were very surprising for example the most population were people with high school education level. But after 50 years everything were changing. The race distribution in the year 2000 were somehow very diverse. The African-American population increased dramatically and many other race emerged. Educational Attainment in 2000 were better and many people had some college level and also high school graduates. Renter in the Housing unit also increased. In 2010 the environment even became diverse and the percentage kept on increasing. The educational Attainment gradually increased such as people with bachelor, master, doctorate and professional degree, Renter in that area increased rapidly but not owner occupiers.


Troost Avenue : Between 43rd Street and Brush Creek BLVD


Troost Avenue is a major street that stretches north to south in Kansas City, Missouri. The development of Troost avenue began in the year of 1834 near 31st Street and the street continued to develop into the 1900s, introducing movie theaters, apartments, retail stores and more. Troost avenue is also historically known as a racial dividing line in Kansas City. My research was over Brush Creek BLVD  and 43rd street along Troost avenue. It has a few changes overtime for example, It went from grid setting into more commercial place and the grids begin to dense with businesses and residents. Business like Cars & Auto were more dominant in the period of 1909 to 1950 but eventually it started to decrease in those businesses. Shopping business like CVS, Dollar tree were introduced as well as bus transportation system like RideKC and Max in the present time but it is still is a dividing residential place between high incomes and low income.

Used Auto Sales
CVS Pharmacy
Dollar Tree