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Troost Avenue

The area east and west of Troost Avenue between 78th St. and 82nd Terrace has changed drastically from 1950-2010. This part of the land is divided into three census tracts, 90, 94, and 95. In 1950, all three census tract areas were predominately white, wealthy, homeowners. In 2000 and 2010, that had changed drastically to predominately black, lower-income, renters. The most noticeable change was the census tract north of 79th St. It had the sharpest drop in white population, while the area south of 79th St. was much less significant, retaining most of the white population.

Troost Ave. 78th St. and 82nd Terr.

The area of Troost Avenue between the areas of 78th St. and 82nd Terrace were not part of the Kansas City until it was annexed in 1947.  This tax assessment photo from 1940 shows Mock’s Auto Repair shop at 7924 Troost Ave.

According the census information, 79th St. seemed to be a sharp dividing line for race.  The area south of 79th St. and east of Troost consistently reported a large majority of white population while the area north of 79th St. and east of Troost drastically changed population to a reported majority of black residents beginning in the 1970’s.  The area now is being revitalized and is home to the Academy for Integrated Arts and a new “Nature and Play” community space set to be finished in the fall of 2017.